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OpenAI ventures into AI chip production?

OpenAI ventures into AI chip production?

ChatGPT maker OpenAI is considering building AI-specific chips in order to improve performance.? The latter came from the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Altman, who has been insisting on increasing purchases of additional these chips. Such, they are even looking for another firm, which engages in the manufacture of such chips. This indicates that AI chips are increasingly becoming important.

OpenAI explores about specialized AI chips.

OpenAI is considering how to handle the shortage of computer chips in relation to its artificial intelligence work. Sam Altman, the CEO, fears that they don’t have enough chips, particularly those of Nvidia that are vital for artificial intelligence.

Experts opine that with a popularity approaching Google Search, ChatGPT would need about 50 billion dollars worth of chips on top of fifteen billions annually in support costs. In a nutshell, Nvidia dominates in more than ninety percent of the worldwide graphics chip market.

OpenAI paves the way for development of its own AI chips as envisaged. This is equivalent to the category in which large manufacturers of chips, such as Google and Amazon do specifically for certain needs. However, what you should keep in mind here is that this is perhaps one of the most gigantic and expensive endeavors, at a cost of hundreds of millions per annum.

Why does OpenAI want new computer chips?

Microsoft big computer that he is using for open ai. This computer is powered by 10,000 of Nvidia’s specialized chips. Running ChatGPT on this computer is however costly. Using Chat GPT costs around $0.03 per query/task. OpenAI’s costs are going up. For ChatGPT to gain such popularity as Google, OpenAI must be ready financially.

Next Plan of ChatGPT makers?

OpenAI is trying to get more AI computer chips. They thought about buying a company that makes these chips, like what Amazon did in 2015. But will they make their own chips or buy a company, or they’ll still use chips from companies like Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices. However, making your own chips is really tough, and even big companies like Meta had trouble with it. Now, Meta is making a new chip for different AI jobs.

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